Local and Not so Local

The companies and individuals that donate to us are pretty awesome. Here is just some of the amazing prizes that we have as raffles for our Clambake Fundraiser!

Anawan Pharmacy is your truly local pharmacy and not a chain.  A&A Landscape Materials offers stone, mulch, and so much more. Enjoy a golf course that challenges the beginner and the enthusiast at Crestwood Country Club. 

If you are an ornithologist at heart or know that love means more than that of the heart, then these raffles are for you and both are on Aquidneck Island, RI!

We will be prizes will be offered at our Clambake Fundraiser. You can purchase tickets at the Yard Sale, online, or person, please see our Event Calendar https://www.rehobothanimaladvocates.org/new-events/

This fundraiser is important because it will allow us to get matching grant funds from Community Cats Podcast!