Richie, JoJo & Amazon Smile

Richie and JoJo are friendly ferals who came to us quite damaged. JoJo came to us in March with a serious leg wound.  Richie was abandoned, sporting a nasty neck abscess, a bad eye, and a severe flea infestation which resulted anemia.  

It was touch and go with JoJo, we were concerned that the leg would need to be amputated or worse. Fortunately, JoJo's leg has mended very well today even though he has feline aids and leukemia.  JoJo demonstrates aspects of many favored breeds. JoJo has the ears of Scottish Fold, the voice of the Siamese, the sociabilty of a Ragdoll, and a soft Russian blue coat that would make a mink envious. JoJo also appears to be a mouser, catching an offending rodent in his cage. 

In July, Richie got his abscess cleaned up which resulted in 14 stitches. He was given a flea dip and within a short period of time, he gained much needed weight and his flea bitten skin is no longer. His eye will need to be removed. Despite his previous human handling, he is good-natured, clever, and sports a cream/light amber long haired coat. 

These medical costs and long term care add up. We would like to offset some these costs by encouraging all of you to use Amazon Smile and choosing Rehoboth Animal Advocates to help.  Below, you can find info on how to start. We also have this link, too: 

This link can be also be found on our Assist us page. 

Explanation of Amazon Smile is a part of Amazon's website. When a person makes purchases through this account, Amazon will donate a portion to a non-profit agency of the person's choice. Rehoboth Animal Advocates will receive a donation through your Amazon log-on. 

How can you register RAA as your charity?

  1. Go to and log on to Amazon as you normally do. 
  2. Search Rehoboth Animal Advocates and click on the yellow select button to choose RAA as your charity.
  3. BOOKMARK the website as a favorite website and every time you make a purchase on  Rehoboth Animal Advocates automatically stays on your account as your charity and will receive a donation from Amazon when you make a purchase.