A Lot of Thanks to Big Lots (Swansea)!

I just got a text saying that Big Lots in Swansea gave RAA a generous supply of cat food. Earlier this month,  we received a bag of loose change from Ms. X (name changed to protect her identity) who collected coins just for us.  To both of them, we are grateful. 

These gifts allow us to continue to connect with the community. How? The coins goes toward the medical expenses of maintaining our TNR  program while the food allows us another opportunity to connect  with our colony caregivers by sharing the food with them. The important thing is that it all helps. 

The act of reviewing our events calendar and letting  people know about our events would be a great way to help us. It is a small thing that helps in a big way. 

So thank you, Big Lots, Ms. X, and future publicists for all your help. May we be an asset to your community as you are to ours.