Tired of Winter?

This is Jo-Jo. This is his happy face. 

This is Jo-Jo. This is his happy face. 

We are so sick of winter that we are distracting ourselves by preparing for our  upcoming fundraisers. We are hoping that you can participate in one of them.  These fundraisers are important not only for our mission statement, but also for meeting the requirements in order to receive grant money.  Please read on so you don't disappoint Jo-Jo. You don't want to see his unhappy face. 

In April, we will be hosting a '31' campaign. If you are not familiar with site,  this site sells really cool bags and storage containers that can be personalized. Our campaign will be a great opportunity to purchase Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Graduation gifts.  Our 10 day campaign will start April 15 at 8:00PM and ends on Wednesday, April 25 at 8:00PM. This will be posted on the calendar soon. Remember to look for the link that brings you to our specific campaign. 

In May, we will be doing a Bonfire campaign. Bonfire is an apparel company. We will be using original artwork on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. This would be another cool gift for someone special.  This campaign is going to be three weeks and is another important fundraiser for the matching grant funds. This also will be posted on the calendar in the coming weeks. 

We will be joining Rehoboth Animal Shelter for their open house on June 10th.  We are pleased to be hosting Wonder Woman at this event. She hopes to include some of her superhero friends but you know how superheroes can be - always saving the world. There will be other activities as well. More details to follow.

On Sunday 6/24 we will be hosting a Clambake  Fundraiser at Francis Farm.  This fundraiser is our second and last fundraiser to obtain matching grant funds. We are now offering E-ticket purchasing as an alternative option to buying tickets in person. Just look for our website's Francis Farm Tickets tab.  Please be aware that the cut off date for tickets is 6/10, so buy your tickets early. Please be aware that E-tickets will be eligible for the door prize and credit card processing is a secure process. 

This link will bring to our home page, the tickets tab is located at the top towards the left.