The May Challenge!


We challenge you to participate in one of many fundraisers for the months of May and June.  Take on one or all.

That brings me to the next subject. A member asked me what exactly do we do and where does the money go that we raise? Currently, a significant portion goes towards medical costs for the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program. Specifically, the money goes toward neutering, vaccines, and sometimes additional medical care for feral cats. Smaller portions goes toward fundraisers (making site deposits) and administration cost (like printing costs).  If you are interested in a more in depth explanation, please see our TNR tab with updated stats. We do not receive any funding from the town. We often operate in the red, but we have been fortunate with fundraisers and donors to keep us from staying there. 

What challenges do you want to take on? 

  1. We challenge you to start or renew a membership  in 2018. 
  2. Attend a member meeting. The next one is May 12th. 
  3. Buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt from our online fundraiser. This fundraiser is especially important to us because funds raised will be matched a Community Cats Podcast Grant. The design on the apparel was custom made for us and the fundraiser will be only three weeks.  The event will be posted soon to the event calendar. If you cannot wait - here is the link
  4. BE A SUPERHERO FOR ANIMALS on June 10. RSVP, please. Please see our event calendar for details. 
  5. Indulge your baseball whims and buy your 7/14 Pawtucket Red Sox tickets from us. This will be posted on our event calendar soon.
  6. Come see our table(s) at the Senior Center Yard sale on 5/19. Maybe you find something you like. You can buy your clambake and Paw Sox tickets here, too.
  7. Purchase your clambake tickets before 6/10.  The event will be held 6/24. This is also part of the Community Cats Podcast Grant. Buy your tickets online or in person. Please check out our event calendar for details. 
  8. Check out our Assist us tab (any fosters out there?). We are please to announce that the Senior Center will take items from our wish list and hold them for us. 
  9. Amazon:

    Your shopping matters. This Mother's Day, shop for Mom at and Amazon donates to Rehoboth Animal Advocates, Inc.


Finally,  we thank you for making our challenge, your challenge. We appreciate your efforts.