February News in Review

We have had some solid fundraising going on which is good news for us.  Thank you to all that have either fiscally or physically contributed.  All is appreciated. Your financial contributions pay not only for the neutering package but also for food and litter while they are recovering.  Often there are additional medical and housing costs for cats with upper respiratory infections or injuries.  The cages themselves also need to be cleaned and sanitized. . This is why our fundraisers and your continued support are important to us.

March and April Events. Check the Events Calendar for details.

  • Not Your Average Joe’s Restaurant in Seekonk and Randolph. 15% of your food order goes to RAA. This event is on MONDAYS for all of March. Please inform your service attendant.
  •  Vino’s fundraiser is on 4/3 –on day only.  15% of your food order goes to RAA. Please remind your service attendant when they take your order. It will not be done automatically.
  • Member meetings March 10 & April 14. We encourage all to attend, especially now since we need new fundraising ideas since we have an opportunity to get matching funds.
  • We now can accept credit cards on our website.
  • Please contact us if you have raffle items to donate.  Our raffle items at our Pasta dinner and Pancake Breakfast fundraisers have been well received.