July 10th, 2017

July 10th, 2017

 Welcome to our new website. Our goal every month is to give you updates as to what is going on with the group. We would like to give thanks to Bert Brown and Eleanor Menz for putting in a lot of hard work to get this new website off the ground.

 Our board of Directors has changed. We would like to welcome Karen Frenier as President and Eleanor Menz as Vice President. The new president and vice president look forward to hearing members’ input as how to make this group better. We also are grateful to have founding president Cheryl Dussourd’s continuing support.

 Our email has changed. It is now RehobothAnimalAdvocatesMA@gmail.com.

 In accordance to our mission statement we have neutered 40 cats since April of this year. We are pleased to say that some of these cats have found new homes with the help of the shelter.

 As with any animal orientated group, we are always in need for volunteers. A few hours goes a long way with us. Please also keep in mind we are looking for attitude, not aptitude, as we will train you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask at the email above. Here is a brief overview: 

  • Would you like to help with laundry specifically bedding? And no we don’t torture you with the pee stained stuff. We save that for the board members.

  • How do you feel about being a chauffeur? The cats may not warm up to you for this help, but we will. Driving involves bringing the cats to the vet and/or back.

  • Are you social? How about meeting colony caregivers? The colony caregivers are devoted people who attend to the cat colonies by providing food, water, and shelter.

  • Do you have hidden or overt fundraising skills? Do you think of creative fundraising ideas in the shower? Then our president would be interested in what you have to say.

  • Are you the research type? Are you familiar with grant applications? Are you not familiar but willing to give it a go, then please contact us.  

We want to thank all who visited us at the Rehoboth Senior Center Yard Sale and Monroe’s Customer Appreciation Day. Both events were successful fundraisers! Special thanks to Beth Kendrick for sponsoring the tables at the Yard Sale and those who donated items.

 Finally, we just want to give a heads up for some upcoming fundraisers. We will give more details in next month’s update but here is  the synopsis: Amazon Smile (no attendance required!), SAPS Craft Fair (9/9), Pancake Breakfast (10/14), and Pasta Dinner (1/2018). We hope to see you at either or all!