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'31' Campaign Last Hours!

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Hi all! This is Kathy Hendrixson and I am the 31 consultant doing your fundraiser tomorrow night right here at 8pm. I thought I’d post how this will actually happen. All you have to do is get onto this FB page (RAA) at 8pm and watch as I do posts telling about 31 products. 31 sells numerous items if you’ve never heard of them before ie... totes/purses/thermals/jewelry/pillows/some wood products/beach towels/and organizing items. By purchasing 31 items you help RAA earn free 31 products that RAA can use at any fundraising event to make cash to use as is needed. I will also be sending some free 31 as my way of saying thank you! I do these events for groups in need of funds. I donate what I make in product to try and help. I will post the link again for the party and shopping below. Go into the site and take a look! All orders will help. Please feel free to make comments or ask questions as the event goes on tomorrow night. I am always available to help. Here is my info.: 231-740-5922. 
You can shop before/during/after the party. I will leave the party open for 10 days.

Here is the link to get into RAA's party:

Thank you!!

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'31' Campaign