Thank You Not Your Average Joe's!

A show of gratitude goes out to Not Your Average Joe's in Randolph and Seekonk for donating part of their sales to our cause. Initially, the donation period was for February, but they extended it to March. We are truly grateful to NYAJ's for offering this opportunity to us. 

If you were part of group that helped make this fundraiser a success, we thank you, as well!




The May Challenge!


We challenge you to participate in one of many fundraisers for the months of May and June.  Take on one or all.

That brings me to the next subject. A member asked me what exactly do we do and where does the money go that we raise? Currently, a significant portion goes towards medical costs for the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program. Specifically, the money goes toward neutering, vaccines, and sometimes additional medical care for feral cats. Smaller portions goes toward fundraisers (making site deposits) and administration cost (like printing costs).  If you are interested in a more in depth explanation, please see our TNR tab with updated stats. We do not receive any funding from the town. We often operate in the red, but we have been fortunate with fundraisers and donors to keep us from staying there. 

What challenges do you want to take on? 

  1. We challenge you to start or renew a membership  in 2018. 
  2. Attend a member meeting. The next one is May 12th. 
  3. Buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt from our online fundraiser. This fundraiser is especially important to us because funds raised will be matched a Community Cats Podcast Grant. The design on the apparel was custom made for us and the fundraiser will be only three weeks.  The event will be posted soon to the event calendar. If you cannot wait - here is the link
  4. BE A SUPERHERO FOR ANIMALS on June 10. RSVP, please. Please see our event calendar for details. 
  5. Indulge your baseball whims and buy your 7/14 Pawtucket Red Sox tickets from us. This will be posted on our event calendar soon.
  6. Come see our table(s) at the Senior Center Yard sale on 5/19. Maybe you find something you like. You can buy your clambake and Paw Sox tickets here, too.
  7. Purchase your clambake tickets before 6/10.  The event will be held 6/24. This is also part of the Community Cats Podcast Grant. Buy your tickets online or in person. Please check out our event calendar for details. 
  8. Check out our Assist us tab (any fosters out there?). We are please to announce that the Senior Center will take items from our wish list and hold them for us. 
  9. Amazon:

    Your shopping matters. This Mother's Day, shop for Mom at and Amazon donates to Rehoboth Animal Advocates, Inc.


Finally,  we thank you for making our challenge, your challenge. We appreciate your efforts. 








A Lot of Thanks to Big Lots (Swansea)!

I just got a text saying that Big Lots in Swansea gave RAA a generous supply of cat food. Earlier this month,  we received a bag of loose change from Ms. X (name changed to protect her identity) who collected coins just for us.  To both of them, we are grateful. 

These gifts allow us to continue to connect with the community. How? The coins goes toward the medical expenses of maintaining our TNR  program while the food allows us another opportunity to connect  with our colony caregivers by sharing the food with them. The important thing is that it all helps. 

The act of reviewing our events calendar and letting  people know about our events would be a great way to help us. It is a small thing that helps in a big way. 

So thank you, Big Lots, Ms. X, and future publicists for all your help. May we be an asset to your community as you are to ours. 



Big Shout Out to Vino's, Rehoboth MA

On Tuesday, 4/3 Vino's gave RAA 15% of their receipts. We would like to thank them for their generosity. 

To those who participated on Tuesday, we would also to share our gratitude.  Please know that you helped make this a successful fundraiser. 

For those who missed out on this fundraiser, please consider participating in one of our future fundraisers, such as Francis Farm Clambake (see calendar)  or our '31' campaign which will go live on April 15 @ 8:00 pm. 


Tired of Winter?

This is Jo-Jo. This is his happy face. 

This is Jo-Jo. This is his happy face. 

We are so sick of winter that we are distracting ourselves by preparing for our  upcoming fundraisers. We are hoping that you can participate in one of them.  These fundraisers are important not only for our mission statement, but also for meeting the requirements in order to receive grant money.  Please read on so you don't disappoint Jo-Jo. You don't want to see his unhappy face. 

In April, we will be hosting a '31' campaign. If you are not familiar with site,  this site sells really cool bags and storage containers that can be personalized. Our campaign will be a great opportunity to purchase Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Graduation gifts.  Our 10 day campaign will start April 15 at 8:00PM and ends on Wednesday, April 25 at 8:00PM. This will be posted on the calendar soon. Remember to look for the link that brings you to our specific campaign. 

In May, we will be doing a Bonfire campaign. Bonfire is an apparel company. We will be using original artwork on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. This would be another cool gift for someone special.  This campaign is going to be three weeks and is another important fundraiser for the matching grant funds. This also will be posted on the calendar in the coming weeks. 

We will be joining Rehoboth Animal Shelter for their open house on June 10th.  We are pleased to be hosting Wonder Woman at this event. She hopes to include some of her superhero friends but you know how superheroes can be - always saving the world. There will be other activities as well. More details to follow.

On Sunday 6/24 we will be hosting a Clambake  Fundraiser at Francis Farm.  This fundraiser is our second and last fundraiser to obtain matching grant funds. We are now offering E-ticket purchasing as an alternative option to buying tickets in person. Just look for our website's Francis Farm Tickets tab.  Please be aware that the cut off date for tickets is 6/10, so buy your tickets early. Please be aware that E-tickets will be eligible for the door prize and credit card processing is a secure process. 

This link will bring to our home page, the tickets tab is located at the top towards the left.


March News - Week of 3/12

Donors can now pay by credit card through our website.  Just go to the Donate page and pick an amount to donate. 

Lose your loose change in our donation cans at these sites. 

  • Dr. Richard Cohen, 245 Winthrop St, Rehoboth
  • Blanding Library, 124 Bay State Rd, Rehoboth
  • Abbot Animal Hospital, 48 Fall River Rd, Rehoboth
  • Groom and Style Pet Groomer,  177 Fairview Ave, Rehoboth
  • Oakdale Farm, 59 Wheaton Ave, Rehoboth
  • Munroe Feed & Supply, 200 Fairview Ave, Rehoboth

Spring Cleaning Time! Donate your deposit cans to RAA. Bring your cans to DH Redemption Center, Inc, 513 Winthrop St, Rehoboth and let them know the money should go to RAA. 

We are part of the Paypal Giving Fund. Donate to us by using this link, then entering Rehoboth Animal Advocates and the amount you want to donate. 

On June 24th, RAA will be having a clambake fundraiser at Francis Farm 1-6. More details to follow. 

artwork credit: a.zimon


Many Thanks...

panofsky dinner.jpg

Here we are at our second pasta dinner and it was a notable success! We are grateful and thankful to all that helped make it possible: the ticket sellers, the ticket buyers, the business donors, the individual donors, and the volunteers.

Thank you to these amazing businesses and individuals who generously donated goods, services, or their time.  We really appreciate all you did to help make this a success. We couldn’t have done without you.

  • ALEX & ANI donated admission passes and skate rental for two for at the Providence Rink.
  • THE GREAT ESCAPE ROOM donated two tickets.
  • ANAWAN BREWING COMPANY donated 2 bottle of beer.                                             
  • PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF NEWPORT donated 2 house guest passes.
  • BLOUNT RETAIL donated 24 bags of 3 kinds of soup.   
  • WACHUSETT MOUNTAIN donated two day/night lift tickets.
  • REVIVAL BREWERY donated a private tour and beer tasting. 
  • BIRD’S EYE HELICOPTER TOURS donated a tour for three.
  • ROGER WILLIAMS PARK ZOO donated four admission passes.            
  • ROCK SPOT CLIMBING donated an opportunity to climb rocks all day with gear.    
  • SCIALO’S BAKERY donated an amazing amount of bread.                                     
  • BUTTONWOOD PARK ZOO donated a one year family membership.
  • TOWN WINE SPIRITS donated the Talisman Wildcat Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noir and the Oakville Winery Cabernet Sauvignon.                                       
  • The PAWSOX donated four 2018 tickets.
  • MUNROE FEED & SUPPLY donated a cat basket and a dog basket. 200 Fairview Street, Rehoboth, MA
  • KATZ PET SUPPLIES donated a cat basket. 1123 Grand Army Highway, Somerset, MA   
  • PEPSI BOTTLING GROUP (Taunton, MA) donated an assortment of beverages.
  • ENTEMANN’S  donated dessert pastry.
  • PANERA (Seekonk, MA) donated bread.
  • BIMBO BAKERIES  U.S.A.donated bread.
  • WALK YOUR DOG IN STYLE ENSEMBLE donated by C. Panofsky and E. Menz
  • WATERCOLOR INSTRUCTION KIT & SUPPLIES donated by A.Zimon           
  • HEART SHAPED JEWELRY donated by A.Zimon
  • SILPADA EARRINGS donated by A.Zimon                                                            
  • Four FRAMED CAT POEMS donated by C. Dussord
  • “DIAMOND” STUDDED SUN GLASSES donated by N. Recupero                                   
  • BRACELET donated by N. Recupero    

The  volunteers:


⏩⏩ E. Menz & A.Zimon

photo credit: grey cat: carolyn panofsky, black cat: eleanor menz